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Congressman - Gregory Meeks

From public housing to the nation’s Capital, Gregory Weldon Meeks has lived a true American success story. Known for his compassionate and tenacious representation of his constituents, and his coalition-building skills, Meeks proudly serves the constituents of New York’s Fifth Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Meeks is a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee, having previously served as a Dodd-Frank conferee. Meeks is a multilateralist with decades of experience in foreign policy. He believes that the United States should build coalitions around our interests and work with other countries to build a stable and prosperous future.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist - Marjorie Hill

Dr. Marjorie Hill is a licensed clinical psychologist and a former New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation provider and administrator. Dr. Hill has extensive experience in hospital quality assurance, continuing medical education (CME) and crisis intervention management experience. With over twenty years of executive leadership in the nonprofit sector, Dr. Hill is a proven leader in the field of HIV/AIDS. She has 17-year history of service to GMHC, the oldest AIDS provider in the world. Dr. Hill served as a volunteer, Board member, and Board Chair, and was the longest tenured Chief Executive Officer in the agency’s history.


Congressman - James Clyburn

James E. (Jim) Clyburn is the Assistant Democratic Leader, the third-ranking Democrat, in the United States House of Representatives. When Jim Clyburn came to Congress in 1993, he was elected co-president of his freshman class and quickly rose through leadership ranks. He was elected Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus in 1998 and Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus in 2002.  Three years later he was unanimously elected Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, and when Democrats regained the House majority in 2006, Congressman Clyburn was elevated by his colleagues to House Majority Whip. As a national leader he has championed rural and economic development.  Many of his initiatives have become law.


Fire Chief - Vincent Burns

Chief Vincent (Vinny) Burns was born in Freeport, New York where he developed an interest in the fire service from an early age due to his father belonging to the Freeport Fire Department. Vinny started hanging around the firehouse with his dad as a kid on weekends, eventually joining the fire service explorer post started by the department. In 1976, Vinny moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado and joined a local volunteer fire department in late 1979. That department was reorganized into the Wescott Fire District in 1981. Vinny rose through the ranks to become the first career member and eventually becoming the fire chief in 2010.


Former New York City Police Commissioner - Bernard Kerik

Bernard B. Kerik is one of the most dynamic, undisputed, controversial and accomplished leaders in law enforcement, correction, and national security in the United States. For more than thirty years, he served his country with distinction, honor, and valor, most notably as the 40th Police Commissioner of the City of New York. For close to six years, Mr. Kerik served as First Deputy and later Commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction. His service to his country has been recognized in more than 100 awards for public and heroic service, including the New York City Police Department's Medal for Valor, plus 29 other medals for excellent and meritorious service.


American Activist - Sally Regenhard

Sally Regenhard is an American activist who has become one of the leading voices for the families of the victims of the September 11 attacks. A former long-time resident of Co-op City in The Bronx in New York City who has degrees in behavioral sciences and gerontology and has worked in the nursing home industry for over 20 years, Regenhard became an advocate for skyscraper safety after the death of her 28-year-old son, Christian, a probationary firefighter with the New York City Fire Department, who perished in the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.


Chief Technical Advisor - Glenn Corbett

Glenn Corbett is the Chief Technical Advisor to the Skyscraper Safety Campaign and advises several 9/11 organizations and GZ area community/civic groups regarding public safety issues. He is an associate professor of fire science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice where he also the chair of the Department Of Protection Management. Prof. Corbett is the technical editor of Fire Engineering magazine and has testified before both the 9/11 Commission and the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science regarding the World Trade Center disaster.


Senator - John McCain

John McCain was born at the Coco Solo Naval Station in Panama on August 29, 1936. The son of an Admiral, McCain enrolled in the Naval Academy and was dispatched to Vietnam, where he was tortured as a prisoner of war between 1967 and 1973. After his release, McCain served as a Republican congressman and senator from the state of Arizona. McCain lost the 2008 presidential election to Barack Obama. At 80 years old, he won his sixth term in the Senate in 2016. During his race he frequently clashed with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who won the general election that same year.


Executive Assistant/Outreach Specialist - Tanisha Murden

Tanisha Murden is currently the Executive Assistance/Outreach Specialist at CitiWide Computer Training Center. She is the founder of Unity & Faith LLC, Program Director of The W.I.R.E (Women Involved in Re-Entry Efforts), and the Co-chair of the Commission on Reentry and Returning Citizen Affairs. Tanisha is also a member of The National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls. As the program Director of The W.I.R.E., Tanisha Murden is the driving force that keeps the organization alive. She understands that formerly incarcerated women need a strong support system, mentoring, and coaching in order to successfully navigate the Reentry process.


Professor - Ronald Sullivan Jr.

Professor Sullivan is a leading theorist in the areas of criminal law, criminal procedure, trial practice and techniques, legal ethics, and race theory.  He is the faculty director of the Harvard Criminal Justice Institute and the Harvard Trial Advocacy Workshop.  Professor Sullivan also serves as Faculty Dean of Winthrop House at Harvard College.  He is the first African American ever appointed Faculty Dean in Harvard's history.  He is a founding member and Senior Fellow of the Jamestown Project. Professor Sullivan has merged legal theory and practice over the course of his career in unique and cutting-edge ways.


Legal Advocate - Patricia Flynn

Patricia Flynn is an accomplished Legal Advocate. Her interest in public interest work is rooted from her experience advocating for disadvantaged populations as a Non-Profit Director, Legal Advocate, and Court Investigator. While employed as a Research Analyst at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she worked to eliminate health inequalities and social stigmas by implementing successful policy and advocacy initiatives and empowering disadvantaged clients through education and counseling programs. She obtained her Master’s in Public Health from the University of South Florida, graduate certificates from Boston University, and holds a Paralegal certification from Los Angeles Mission College.

Congressman - Danny Davis

Danny K. Davis was chosen by the people of the 7th Congressional District of Illinois as their Representative in Congress on November 5, 1996. He has been re-elected by large majorities to succeeding Congresses. Congressman Davis has distinguished himself as an articulate voice for his constituents and as an effective legislator able to move major bills to passage. In the 113th Congress Representative Davis has indicated a focus on issues of job creation, poverty, health care, education, youth and criminal justice reform.


Racial Harassment Victims - Tamika Pledger

Tamika Pledger, is a resident of the State of Kansas. For sixteen years she worked as a Childcare provider. She also functioned in other roles, such as, a Notary Public for the State of Kansas, a DNA Broker, and owned several rental properties, which was all self-employed businesses. After her cousin was killed in 2005, she began conducting vigils for families victimized by gun violence, conducting marches and holding rallies to try to somehow make a difference. Pledger later started her own community programs, called Saving our Community from Crime and 21st Century Kansas City, Kansas Citizens United. 

Professor - Marci Hamilton

Marci A. Hamilton is the Fox Professor of Practice and Fox Family Pavilion Resident Senior Fellow in the Program for Research on Religion in the Fox Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania.  She is also the founder, CEO, and Academic Director of CHILD USA,, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit academic think tank at the University of Pennsylvania dedicated to interdisciplinary, evidence-based research to prevent child abuse and neglect.   Before moving to the University of Pennsylvania, Professor Hamilton was the Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University.


Congressman - Adam Schiff

Congressman Adam Schiff represents California's 28th Congressional District, and throughout his tenure in Congress, he has focused on growing the economy, bolstering national security, strengthening our communities, helping small businesses, and improving education, safety and health care for our children. In his 9th term in the House of Representatives, Schiff currently serves as the Ranking Member, or top Democrat, of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and as a Member of the Benghazi Select Committee. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence oversees the nation’s intelligence agencies including components of the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, State and Energy. In addition to his committee work, Schiff’s top priority is to create jobs and help improve the economy.


Radio Show Host - Marti Oakley

Ms. Marti Oakley is a radio show host, hosting TS Radio on BlogTalkRadio, now in its 7th year.  Primary focus is advocating against elderly guardian/conservator abuses and family court abuses.  She just moderated the first ever panel on these issues at the annual Whistleblower's Summit in DC. She emphasizes how an end must come to these destructive courts and the predators that work within them. Marti is a grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren and when not on the radio, writing, or speaking publicly, she gardens like crazy and does wildlife paintings.


Congressman - Mark Walker

After serving almost two decades as a Pastor – Congressman Mark Walker followed a new calling and launched an improbable but successful campaign to represent the people of North Carolina in the United States Congress. With a message of putting people before politics and a heart for all communities, Rep. Walker took on the challenges of reducing the waste and excess of the federal government, fighting human trafficking, getting Washington out of our classrooms and working on tax reform to help stimulate job growth and expand small businesses. In the 115th Congress, Walker was elected by his colleagues to serve as the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee – the large conservative caucus of the House Republicans and a leading influence on policy since 1973.


Attorney - Paul Prestia

Paul Prestia focuses his practice on criminal defense and civil rights abuses. Mr. Prestia is admitted to practice law in the State of New York and in the Southern and Eastern Districts in Federal Court. Mr. Prestia has successfully handled and tried a wide array of criminal cases. As a litigator, Mr Prestia has settled hundreds of cases versus the City of New York and the New York City Police Department. He received his Juris Doctorate from St. John’s University School of Law and began his legal career as prosecutor in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Prestia has interviewed and provided legal commentary to various newspapers, (NY Post, NY Times, Daily News), Television (ABC News, Huffington Post Live, WPIX 11 Morning News) and radio outlets (WWRL, WVOX).


We continue to discuss the wrongful convictions of Ex-Undersheriff Paul Tanaka and 8 Officers (the LASD9) who worked for the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, who became targets of FBI Corruption.

LASD9 - Paul Tanaka

We discuss the wrongful convictions of Ex-Undersheriff Paul Tanaka and 8 Officers (the LASD9) who worked for the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, who became targets of FBI Corruption. Paul Tanaka is an American former politician and a former law-enforcement officer with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He was convicted April 4, 2016, in Federal Court of conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of justice. Tanaka served as Undersheriff of Los Angeles County from 2011 to 2013. He was also mayor of the City of Gardena, California.

Congressman - Sander Levin

Rep. Sander “Sandy” Levin was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1982. He is the a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over all tax, trade and economic growth policies and entitlement spending, including Social Security, Medicare, welfare and unemployment compensation. He has served on four of the six Ways and Means Subcommittee (Social Security, Health Care, Income Security and Family Support, Trade) except for the Oversight and Select Revenue Subcommittees, and is currently the Ranking Member of the Subcommitte on Health. Earlier in his career, Rep. Levin was elected to the Michigan State Senate in 1964 and served as the Michigan State Senate Minority Leader from 1969–1970.


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