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A Just Cause forms Internet Radio Show, 'AJC Radio'!


A Just Cause will use the platform of AJC Radio to address the challenges of a variety of issues in America that are seemingly out of control. These issues are critical for the future of America. AJC Radio is designed to captivate the American people by dissecting the United States and exposing the hard truths we must face. AJC Radio seeks to provide education, awareness, and information to help find solutions for America.


Spotlight on Capitol Hill 



We also bring attention to the good things done by members of Congress on Capitol Hill. Our very special segment is called “Spotlight On Capitol Hill.” People are always talking about what Congress is NOT doing… At AJC Radio, we are spreading the word about all the good things that Members of Congress ARE doing!


The show will provide emotional and informative content to the massive audience of listeners. AJC Radio promises to deliver open discussions that other media refuses to address. We bring perspective to social and all types of government issues, as well as dialogue that addresses our society today.


For more information about A Just Cause, check out the website at:

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