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Lisa Stewart


Lisa Stewart is multi-talented with broad experience in multiple industries. She is currently working full-time as a Real Estate Agent.


She has been a volunteer with the A Just Cause organization, since its inception, traveling frequently to Capitol Hill to interact with members of Congress as the Communications Liaison., Twitter - @AJCHostLisa
Lamont Banks 


Lamont is a Colorado exoneree  whose conviction was reversed August 4, 2011, citing prosecutorial misconduct and noting over twenty-five instances of Assistant District Attorney Donna Bellick crossing the line of law to secure a conviction.  Lamont regained his freedom on December 10, 2012 after a nearly seven year nightmare. 


Lamont is Executive Director of A Just Cause as well as a host of AJC Radio.  Lamont has committed himself to being a voice for those that were left 'Behind The Wall'., Twitter - @AJCExecDir, FB - Occupy Justice


Dennis Merritt, Samson Riddle, Kendrick Barnes, & William Williams
Guest Hosts
Preston Hodges
Director, Social Media


Olivia Hodges & Lynette Campbell


Ashley Brown & Kyle Walker 
Sound Crew
Lizz Pee, Bianca Stevenson, DonnaJune Cruz, Felicia Ruff, & Mary Lopez
Research Team


Kyle Walker & Tesia Barnes
Web Masters


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