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Our Special Guests tonight are members of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They will share with our listening audience how their religious rights were violated by the government obtaining their banking records without subpoenas, harrassing members on their jobs, showing up at their homes, and questioning their neighbors while conducting a federal investigation against the IRP6 in Colorado, who are all serving 7-11 years each in prison for mail/wire-fraud, a crime they didn't commit!
Our Special Guest tonight is Pastor Rose Banks of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She, along with others, will share with our listening audience how the church and some of its members' religious rights were violated by the government obtaining their banking records without subpoenas, harrassing members on their jobs, showing up at their homes, and questioning their neighbors while conducting a federal investigation against the IRP6 in Colorado, who are all serving 7-11 years each in prison for mail/wire-fraud, a crime they didn't commit!
Pastor - Rose M. Banks

In 1970, Sister Rose M. Banks accepted the call to the ministry while living in Tacoma, Washington. She was endorsed as a Fellowship Leader by the Pentecostal Church of God of America in 1978. She then began her first full time ministry, the Bamberg Fellowship, located in Bamberg, West Germany. It soon became known throughout West Germany. The family returned to the United States in 1981 and settled in Colorado Springs. The Bamberg Fellowship was reorganized with many of the same members and became the Colorado Springs Fellowship. In 1987, the first radio broadcast was heard and thus began a world-wide tape ministry which continues today.


Selma's Smallest Freedom Fighter - Sheyann Webb Christburg

Sheyann Webb Christburg was born on February 17, 1956 in Selma, Alabama. She grew up in a poor family of eight children in the George Washington Carver Projects. Today, she is a voice for justice, equality and self-achievement. Ms. Webb is also known as a civil rights activist, mentor and youth advocate. She was named the “Smallest Freedom Fighter” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. At eight, she would sneak out of her house to attend mass meetings. She also led the congregation in singing freedom songs. She was the youngest participant to take part in the historically first attempted Selma to Montgomery march known as “Bloody Sunday”. 


Founder & President - Jonathan Rapping

Jonathan Rapping is a criminal defense lawyer, founder and president of Gideon's Promise, and an advocate for criminal justice system reform. In 2007, Rapping created the Southern Public Defender Training Center, subsequently renamed Gideon’s Promise. Named after the landmark 1963 Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright, Gideon’s Promise teaches public defenders to work more effectively within the judicial system by providing coaching, training, and professional development as well as a supportive network of peers and mentors from around the country. 


Asst. Public Defender - Jacinta Hall

Jacinta Hall is a 2005 graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Law. Her legal career began as a clerk to current Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Leslie King when he was the Chief Judge of the Mississippi Court of Appeals. Currently, Jacinta is an Assistant Public Defender with the Law Office of the Shelby County Public Defender, Memphis, TN.


Lake County State's Attorney - Michael Nerheim

Mike Nerheim was chosen by voters in the November 2012 election to serve as Lake County State’s Attorney. Since he was sworn in and assumed the office on December 3, 2012, he has delivered on his campaign promises to make the office more efficient, effective and transparent while ensuring fairness and justice for all citizens. As Lake County State’s Attorney, Mike Nerheim created a case review board. As an independent review board, their duty is to focus on the issue of wrongful convictions and to review cases where a defendant’s innocence is suggested.


Author/Journalist - David J. Krajicek

David Krajicek is an author, journalist and former Columbia Univ. professor whose work focuses on justice, history and the media. He is cofounder of Criminal Justice Journalists, a national association of reporters and editors, editor of the weblog Crime & Justice News, and a contributing editor with The Crime Report.


Wrongly Convicted - Rachel Jernigan

Rachel Jernigan was wrongfully convicted and sentenced in 2001 to serve 14 years in a federal prison for robbing a Bank of America in Gilbert, Arizona in 2000. There was no physical evidence linking Jernigan to the crime. In early 2008, Rodriguez-Gallegos admitted that she had committed the robbery for which Jernigan had been prosecuted and on February 5, 2008, the charges were dismissed and Jernigan was released.


Model/Actress/Advocate - Victoria Redstall

Victoria Redstall grew up in Surrey, (Southern) England. She also worked as a print model in Marbella (Spain) and saved enough money to be able to move and establish herself in America at the age of 19. She earned a scholarship to the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles and studied television, stage and film acting. Following that, she went on to study Broadcasting, Reporting and Journalism at Santa Monica College.


Lt. Colonel/Former U.S. Congressman - Allen West

Lt. Colonel and Former U.S. Congressman, Allen West was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in the same neighborhood where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once preached. He is the third of four generations of military servicemen in his family. Today, he is the President/CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Websites: ; ;

Communications Director - Mike Riggs

Mike Riggs is Families Against Mandatory Minimum’s Director of Communications. He is a former journalist, who has covered civil liberties and criminal justice policy for Atlantic Media, Reason Magazine, the Washington City Paper, The Daily Caller, the Nation, the Weekly Standard, The New Republic, and other outlets.


Co-Founder & Editor - Jean Casella

Jean Casella, a Co-Founder and Editor for Solitary Watch with James Ridgeway. She is a 2012 Soros Justice Media Fellow and also writes frequently about criminal justice issues for Mother Jones. Solitary Watch is a public website aimed at bringing the widespread use of solitary confinement and other forms of torture in U.S. prisons out of the shadows and into the light of the public square.


Advocate - Johnny Perez

Johnny Perez is a non-attorney, mental health advocate for the Urban Justice Center’s Mental Health Project, a law firm providing pro-bono legal representation to underserved populations affected by social justice issues. Mr. Perez works to change the status quo of unjust policies and practices as a member of pro-social groups including the Jails Action Coalition, the Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement (CAIC), and the New York Reentry Education Network.


Executive Director - Chris Mumma

Chris Mumma, for over a decade has served as the Center’s Executive Director. Instrumental in fighting for criminal justice reform in North Carolina. Chris has spearheaded legislation on eyewitness identification, the recording of interrogations, preservation of biological evidence, enhanced support for exonerees, and the establishment of the only Innocence Inquiry Commission in the United States.


Wrongly Convicted & Exonerated - Dwayne Dail

In 1989, 20 year-old Dwayne Dail was sentenced to two life sentences plus 18 years for the rape of a 12 year-old girl in Goldsboro, NC. On August 27, 2007, testing results came back that not only confirmed Dwayne's innocence, but identified the true perpetrator.  He was released the very next day after serving over 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.  In 2010, a jury convicted the true perpetrator and he was sentenced to three life sentences without the possibility of parole plus 10 years.  While Dwayne was languishing in prison, the true perpetrator had continued to victimize others.


National Spokesman of C.O.R.E. - Niger Innis

Niger Innis currently serves as the National Spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). He works closely with the National Chairman and represents CORE across the United States and around the world. He is the son of Roy Innis, who joined CORE’s Harlem Chapter in 1963 and in 1964 he was elected Chairman of the Chapter’s Education Committee and became a forceful advocate of community-controlled education.


Author/Radio Host - Burl Barer

Burl Barer is an Edgar Award winning author and two-time Anthony Award nominee with extensive media, advertising, marketing, and public relations experience. He is also one of the hosts for TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED on with show business legend Howard Lapides.


Retired LAPD Sergeant - Cheryl Dorsey

Cheryl Dorsey is a Los Angeles native. In 1978, she began a career in law enforcement where she worked for the State of California, Department of Justice.  In 1980, Cheryl joined the Los Angeles Police Department. During her twenty year (LAPD) career, she worked exclusively in patrol and specialized units such as traffic, vice and the infamous gang unit known as Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.)


Managing Editor - Alex Friedmann

Alex Friedmann serves as Managing Editor of Prison Legal News, a monthly publication that reports on criminal justice issues, and serves as the Associate Director for the Human Rights Defense Center. He is also president of the Private Corrections Institute, a non-profit citizen watchdog group that opposes the privatization of correctional services. 


President & Co-Founder of R Street Institute - Eli Lehrer

Eli Lehrer is President and Co-founder of the R Street Institute, a free-market think tank. He oversees R Street’s central headquarters in Washington, D.C., as well as its field offices in Tallahassee, Fla.; Columbus, Ohio; and Austin, Texas and manages the organization’s $2.5 million budget. Eli has written many articles, talking about Prison Reform.


We talk about solitary confinement and how it affects a person's mind, body, and perspective.
We discuss the issues dealing with racism in the justice system. Do blacks and whites experience different sides of the system? Listen in and find out.
How do people manipulate the justice system? Who manipulates the justice system? Why do they manipulate the system? Find all the answers here.
We discuss our perception of equal justice in the United States. Listen to what we think affects the equality of our justice system.
We discuss what we think were the top breaking news stories on injustice in 2014. Listen in and see if any of your choices matched our own.
We continue to discuss what we have learned about the justice system and judicial process while advocating for the wrongly convicted IRP6.

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