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Sam, Cliff, Lisa, and Lamont dig even deeper into the IRP6 case. What lead to the invalid prosecution and conviction of the IRP6? Who was responsible for going after these six innocent men and why? Find out here.

U.S. Senator Charles “Chuck” Ellis Schumer has dedicated his career to protecting the middle class and helping those working to reach it. Though he has become a leader in finding common sense solutions to national issues, Chuck has built a reputation, as a tireless fighter for New York, visiting all 62 counties every year and talking to constituents in every corner of our state. Throughout his time in the Senate, Chuck has made improving New York's economy his top priority, bringing affordable air service to Upstate New York and the Hudson Valley and delivering over $20 billion in aid to New York City following the attacks on September 11, 2001.


Sam, Lisa, and Lamont go deeper into the IRP6 case. They discuss questions that went unanswered during and after the trial. Questions that, if answered, prove that the IRP6 were wrongfully convicted.

Sam, Cliff, Lisa and Lamont will be sharing some very important information on the initiatives currently being pushed on Capitol Hill by Congressman Charles Rangel of New York.

Lamont, Sam, Cliff, and Lisa will be talking about people who think they are above the law. These people feel like, because of their position/status, they can do and get away with anything they want. Listen and hear stories of those who have stepped over the law.

Lamont, Sam, Cliff, and Lisa will be sharing some very important information on the initiatives currently being pushed on Capitol Hill by Congressman Cedric Richmond of Louisiana. One of his initiatives takes a closer look at a 2014 Solitary Confinement Study and the Reform Act of 2014.

Tonight we talk about American prisons and how they keep you from returning to your previous life. Whether it is through an experience in prison, a life sentence, or death. Something in the prison will change your views on life forever.
Co-Founder/Director of Strategy & Innovation - Teresa Hodge

Teresa Y. Hodge is a passionate advocate for people with criminal connections. She is committed to reducing the lasting harm caused by prison. It was a wrongful conviction of a 70-month federal prison sentence for a white-collar, non-violent, first-time offense that introduced her first-hand to the justice system and mass incarceration in America. As the Director of Strategy & Innovation for Mission: Launch, Inc., Teresa plays a critical role in building strategic partnerships and establishing social enterprise models for greater reach and sustainability.

Websites: ; ;


Retired Public Defender/Author - Howard Franklin

Howard G. Franklin received his B.S. from U.S.C. and his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, then served as a Deputy Public Defender in Los Angeles County in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and currently lives outside Portland, Oregon. He is the Author of Gideon's Children, the story of the Public Defenders' struggle for justice, as part of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

Websites: ;

Filmmaker/Co-Founder - Ramon Hamilton

Ramon Hamilton is an Award-Winning Writer/Director/Filmmaker who takes an innovative approach to media as he seeks to combine entertainment and storytelling to create change. Hamilton is currently working on a web series entitled “The wHOLE” which highlights the harsh realities of solitary confinement and lenses in on mass incarceration in the United States. He wrote and directed the pilot episode, which was recently featured in NBC News.


Criminal Defense & Civil Rights Lawyer - Standish Willis

Attorney Stan Willis' legal experience includes over twenty-five years in private practice concentrating in state and federal criminal defense and federal civil rights litigation. He has tried over 75 federal jury trials and several state jury and bench trials. In terms of his community work, Stan’s approach to injustice is to teach, organize, listen, and then go to work both in court and in the streets – alongside the people.


Father of Wrongly Convicted Son - Bill Ferguson

Bill Ferguson is the father of Ryan Ferguson, a 17 year old junior in high school who was convicted for the 2001 murder of local reporter Kent Heitholt. He was found strangled in the parking lot of the Columbia Daily Tribune in Missouri. Ryan’s conviction was based solely on the testimony of two witnesses who later, in 2012, recanted their stories and admitted they committed perjury. There were even members of the original jury who, based on new evidence, felt that Ryan deserved a new trial. Yet Ryan Ferguson remained locked up and a victim of the Missouri justice system for almost 10 years. Ryan’s story has been featured extensively on NBC’s Dateline, CBS’s 48 Hours and in numerous TV reports, magazines, and newspapers. 


Retired Lower Court Judge - Donna Hamm

Donna Hamm, a retired lower court judge is the Founder and Executive Director of Middle Ground Prison Reform, an all-volunteer non-profit organization, officially formed in 1983. Donna is an international speaker on the issues of prison and jail reform. She is frequently a guest speaker/presenter at civic and community groups and to college and university classes throughout Arizona.


Director of Nation Inside Organization - Cindy Eigler

Cindy Eigler is a recognized national expert on prison conditions and has successfully advocated for criminal justice policy reform in New York and Texas.  She currently serves as the director of Nation Inside, an online/offline platform that connects and supports grassroots organizing campaigns across the country that are building a movement to systematically challenge mass incarceration in the United States.


Dean - Katherine S. Broderick

Katherine (Shelley) Broderick was appointed Dean of the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law in August of 1999, having previously served as Interim Dean, Clinical Director, Associate Dean and faculty member since 1979.  In 2011, she was named the Joseph L. Rauh, Jr. Chair of Social Justice.  Dean Broderick earned a BA in Psychology Cum Laude from American University in 1973, a JD from Georgetown University in 1978 and an MAT in Teaching Clinical Legal Education from Antioch University in 1982.


Law Student - Tamara Brown

Tamara moved her family from the suburbs of Northern Virginia to Baltimore City. It was where she met her husband, Roland Brown, a prominent attorney in Baltimore City. It was through this union that Tamara began to develop a deeper understanding of the justice system. Through her own personal experiences coupled with her husband’s daily interaction with injustice, Tamara made the decision to attend law school. With its reputation for advocacy in underrepresented communities, The University of the District of Columbia School David A. Clarke School of Law (UDC-DCSL) made it the perfect choice.

Freelance Court Reporter - Stephen Hubbard

Steve Hubbard is originally from Ottawa, Canada, a Canadian citizen. His grandfather, father, uncle and cousin, have been court reporters before him, actually, in the Canadian Parliament in the House of Commons and Senate, known as Hansard Reporters in the nation's capital. In 1969, Steve decided to follow his Hubbard bloodline of reporters and was very lucky to have Margo Upton, a former teacher of stenography having taught at the Los Angeles reporting school of Bryan Institute of Court Reporting.


Brother of Deceased Ronald Salado - Danny Salado

Danny Salado is the brother of Robert John Salado, formely known to all as “Sal” who passed away recently on April 2, 2015 at the age of 63. Danny is here to share his brother’s tragic story of prison abuse and neglect of medical treatment while incarcerated at the Florence Prison Camp in Colorado.

Staff Writer - Maurice Chammah

Maurice Chammah is a staff writer based in Austin, Texas. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Texas Observer, and elsewhere. As a 2011-12 Fulbright Fellow in Cairo, he studied trends in Egyptian journalism. He plays the violin and has toured with the band Mother Falcon.


Advocate for Human Rights - Steven Wetstein

Steven Wetstein is a native Miamin, a chef by profession, and a volunteer/advocate with the Miami chapter of Amnesty International, since 1986. His chapter is a member of Stop Prison Abuse Now  (SPAN), which is really a coalition of individuals and groups that came together to seek justice in the Darren Rainey case.

Ex-Buffalo NY Police Officer - Cariol Horne

On Nov. 1, 2006, ex-Buffalo, N.Y., Police Officer Cariol Holloman-Horne refused to be that kind of “good cop.” Her case has received regional attention for years, but the recent rash of police killings, particularly the choke hold death of 43-year-old Eric Garner, has pushed her story into the national glare for the first time. Cariol was fired from the force in 2008 after an internal investigation and arbitration hearing determined that she was guilty of several counts of obstruction of justice and assaulting a police officer.


Attorney - Solomon Wisenberg

Solomon L. Wisenberg has extensive lead counsel experience in complex white collar criminal investigations and jury trials. His nationwide practice is primarily devoted to representing individuals and businesses exposed to federal criminal and regulatory inquiries or charged with federal crimes. His distinguished government career included serving as Deputy Independent Counsel, the number two position in the Whitewater/Lewinsky Investigation, and he was selected by Judge Kenneth Starr to conduct grand jury questioning of President Bill Clinton.


Tonight we discuss deception in the Grand Jury. Learn more in-depth information about the Grand Jury process.

Our Special Guests for tonight's show will be Members of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church, located in Colorado Springs, CO talking about how they were all misled by the Grand Jury, who indicted the IRP6 that are now wrongfully convicted, sentenced and serving 7-11 years each in prison for a crime they didn't commit!

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