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We discuss all we have learned through this process of advocating for the wrongly convicted IRP6.
We continue to talk about racial disparites and what roles they played in the IRP6 case. Find out how racial issues can affect the judicial process as well as law enforcement.
We talk about racial disparites and what roles they played in the IRP6 case. Find out how racial issues can affect the judicial process.
Asst. Prof. of Comparative Ethnics Studies - Dan Berger

Dan Berger is Assistant Professor of Comparative Ethnic Studies in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington at Bothell and Adjunct Assistant Professor of History at the University of Washington at Seattle. His work focuses on race, prisons, and social movements in U.S. life and history. Dan is also an author and his most recent books are Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era and The Struggle Within: Prisons, Political Prisoners, and Mass Movements in the United States.


Director of Nation Inside Organization - Cindy Eigler

Cindy Eigler is a recognized national expert on prison conditions and has successfully advocated for criminal justice policy reform in New York and Texas.  She currently serves as the director of Nation Inside, an online/offline platform that connects and supports grassroots organizing campaigns across the country that are building a movement to systematically challenge mass incarceration in the United States.


Executive Director of VOTE - Norris Henderson

Norris Henderson is a former OSI Soros Justice Fellow and is currently the Executive Director of Voices of The Ex-Offender (VOTE). V.O.T.E. is a membership organization with a strong and engaged grassroots base established to create a space, a voice and a platform for people impacted by the criminal justice system in the United States. As someone who was wrongfully incarcerated for 27 years, Norris shares first-hand experience of racism and brutality of the criminal justice system with communities of color across the city. He became self-taught in criminal law during his 27 years in prison as a paralegal, advocate and organizer.


We discuss how drastically high the need for sentencing reform is in the United States. Also, listen in and hear our analysis and opinions on the grand jury's decision in the case of Eric Garner's death.
We discuss racial and ethnic disparities in the United States' judicial system. Listen in and hear many examples of racial and ethnic wrongdoings in the criminal justice system.

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