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Thank You!

AJC Radio Says Thank You to Congressman Dwight Evans!! 

Featured Guest on this Week's Spotlight on Capitol Hill with an Exclusive Interview

Congressman Dwight Evans (Democrat - Pennsylvania) was featured on AJC Radio with an exclusive interview for the Spotlight on Capitol Hill segment during the February 15, 2018 show, which highlighted his life accomplishments and ongoing legislation.  

Many thanks for allowing AJC Radio to feature your life, initiatives and legislation on the Spotlight on Capitol Hill segment! 


To listen to the archive: Congressman Evans' Spotlight on Capitol Hill

Website - Official Site, Twitter - @RepDwightEvans, Facebook - RepDwightEvans

Hot Topics...

Condolences to Family, Friends, and Community of Parkland, Florida  

17 lives tragically lost way too soon


A Just Cause extends our most sincere condolences to the victims, their families and the community of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Parkland, Florida after a gunman opened fire.  We honor the lives lost and remembers the first responders.
A Just Cause continues its advocacy for the IRP5... please check out the archive for the latest in the case.
Stay tuned - LIVE programming resumes February 13th!!  


El Paso County Sheriff's Office lost one of its own, Micah Flick, in a shooting on Monday. He was a husband and father of 7-year old twins. Two police officers and one civilian were injured in the incident.

"Our family is grieving the loss of a hero; a man who reacted instantaneously and selflessly to protect the public and fellow law enforcement officers... Above all, he was a man who loved Jesus, loved his family and lived life with zeal, hunger and passion."

A Statement Released by the Family of Deputy Flick

Case Highlights...

A Just Cause Highlights the Raw Truth on a Critical Case 

Developments on the Case of the IRP5

Tune into AJC Radio's three part series, 'Fantasies and Lies in the IRP5 Case'
Read the raw, unedited truth of the latest, unbelievable developments in A Just Cause's flagship case...
 - Maligned Denver Federal Judge Shortens IRP5 Defendant's Sentence Based on Fantastic Lies
 - Colorado Federal Judge Accused of Slandering Colorado Springs Pastor, Church and Religion from the Bench, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause

Breaking News...

Huffington Post Highlights the IRP5 Story & the Injustice of the Case!! 

From the Blog of The Honorable H. Lee Sarokin, The Huffington Post


The Honorable H. Lee Sarokin, retired Federal Appellate judge continues his advocacy and support for the wrongfully convicted men, known as the IRP5. His recent blog post, 'A Company Small Enough To Prosecute', at The Huffington Post. In a recent article online at The Washington Post entitled, 'Judge who Freed ‘Hurricane’ Carter Now Helping Six Imprisoned Men, but Only Obama Can Save Them', Tom Jackman details the meticulous investigation and ground breaking conclusions of Judge Sarokin, who became convinced the innocence of the IRP6.  Judge Sarokin didn't stop at proclamations, he wrote a series on the Huffington Post Crime Blog about the IRP5 case, authored a play, called 'The Race Card Face Up', and ultimately a letter on behalf of the IRP5 to President Obama pushing for their clemency, something Judge Sarokin had never done in sixty years as a lawyer or judge. 

Featured News!!

The Honorable H. Lee Sarokin, Retired Federal Appellate Judge, Pens 'The Race Card Face Up'

Take action today and tell everyone you know about the innocent men, known as IRP5!!

Support the IRP5 in Their Quest for Justice!

IRP5 Software Is Able To Stop ISIS NOW And Keep America Safe! - Software Available Now, Call 1-855-529-4252, ext 710

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Latest News

IRP5: The Case of the Missing Transcript!!

Former Appelate Judge H. Lee Sarokin in a 5-part series at Huffington Post...

"...The government proved that the defendants incurred debts and did not pay them, but it failed to prove that they did not intend to pay them when incurred, because that was not their true intention. Now, although all of the legal arguments have been neatly sewn up and put aside, I cannot help but believe that the fabric of justice has been frayed in the process."

AJC Supports an Office of Ombudsman 

Guest Howell Woltz shares his story & advantages of Ombudsman...

An Office of the Ombudsman will make our judiciary and law enforcement accountable for their actions. It will provide recourse for people whose rights have been violated. Join AJC supporters and sign up!

HOT! Spotlight on Capitol Hill ENCORE Series

US House of Representatives, Senators, & Staffers weigh in on the issues...

The Spotlight series is taking a new twist at AJC Radio!  Tune in to hear the best highlights from the Spotlight series as members of Congress discuss the issues that concern them the most and the path forward.  You'll hear about major initiatives that are in progress and upcoming events on the Hill.  Join us, tune in every Thursday night at 8 pm (Eastern) / 6 pm (Mountain).

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