We discuss how Pastor Rose Banks and the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church are being targeted by the government and certain figures in the community. Also, we spotlight the outreach of the pastor and the church and how they give back to the community.

Senator - Barbara Boxer

Senator Barbara Boxer is a forceful advocate for families, children, consumers, the environment and her State of California. Barbara Boxer became a United States Senator in January 1993 after 10 years of service in the House of Representatives and six years on the Marin County Board of Supervisors. In November 2010, she was reelected to her fourth term in the Senate. In 2012, as Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, she led efforts to pass a bipartisan transportation bill that will save or create nearly 3 million jobs nationwide. As a champion of quality public education, Senator Boxer wrote landmark legislation establishing the first ever federal funding for afterschool programs. Her law now covers 1.6 million children.

Website: https://www.boxer.senate.gov/?p=home

Sr. Policy Counsel, Social Policy & Politics Program - Sarah Trumble

Sarah specializes in reaching moderates on the full range of social issues. She was drawn to Third Way by the organization's unique pragmatic posture, she focuses on changing hearts and minds where it can have real impact, not just preaching to the choir. In her role, she serves as the expert on the nitty-gritty of social policy legislation, messaging, and politics, and she is an authority on the values and perspectives of Americans in the middle when it comes to the most contentious social issues. Prior to Third Way, her experience was largely rooted in the women's community, having worked at the National Women's Law Center, the National Partnership for Women & Families, the National Abortion Federation, and the District Alliance for Safe Housing.

Website: http://www.thirdway.org/

Social Activist/Filmmaker - Sue Roman

Inspired by the Occupy movement, Sue Roman left her career in magazine publishing and picked up a camera to document people taking action to improve the lives, livelihoods and safety of people in the U.S. Since the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School she has captured fellow Newtown, CT residents taking a stand to combat gun violence. Her project, Witness for Change (has also captured people taking action for racial justice and immigrant rights in New Haven and Hartford Connecticut.

Website: www.witnessforchange.org

Congressman - Scott Peters

Congressman Scott Peters serves California’s 52nd Congressional District, which includes the cities of Coronado, Poway and most of northern San Diego. First elected in 2012, he currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee & the House Judiciary Committee. He formerly served on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Scott Peters is a civic leader who has made improving the quality of life in San Diego his life’s work. Scott Peters, listed by National Journal in 2013 as the fourth most independent Democrat in Congress, is a problem solver with a record of bringing people together to get results.

Website: https://scottpeters.house.gov/

Angola 3 Member - Robert King

Robert Hillary King, is a former member of the Black Panther Party who spent 32 years, 29 of them in solitary confinement, in Angola Prison, Louisiana. King first entered Angola at the age of 18 as the result of a robbery conviction. In 1973, King was accused of murdering another prisoner, and was convicted at a trial where he was bound and gagged. After years of maintaining his innocence and appealing, his conviction was overturned in 2001, after he reluctantly pled guilty to a lesser charge of “conspiracy to commit murder” and was released on time served.

Website: http://www.kingsfreelines.com/

Angola 3 Member - Albert Woodfox

Albert Woodfox, the last imprisoned member of the Angola 3, was released on February 19, 2016, after more than four decades in solitary confinement. Albert Woodfox’s release was long overdue and undeniably just. Nothing will truly repair the cruel, inhuman and degrading solitary confinement that the state of Louisiana inflicted upon him. But the belated measure of justice that came on Woodfox’s 69th birthday was something he had been seeking for more than half his life. Prior to the settlement on February 19, 2016, Woodfox’s conviction had been overturned three times. On June 8, 2015, Federal Judge James Brady granted Woodfox unconditional release and barred the state from retrying him. However, Judge Brady’s ruling was overturned on appeal.

Website: http://www.kingsfreelines.com/

Activist/Artist - Jackie Sumell

Jackie Sumell, was born in Brooklyn NY in 1973. She is inspired most by the lives of everyday people. As a multi-disciplinary artist her work transcends the boundaries of art and activism in an attempt to connect people in provocative and meaningful ways. In 2001, Sumell received critical acclaim for her project directly condemning Bush's conservative policies on reproductive freedoms. She also done some outstanding work on behalf of political prisoners the Angola 3 in Louisiana State Penitentiary. In 2006, she published the book “The House That Herman Built”, which documents the five-year collaborative project between her and black panther /political prisoner Herman Wallace.

Websites: hermanshouse.orgsolitarygardens.org

Congressman - Charles Rangel

Charles B. Rangel, war hero, history-making congressman, master lawmaker. A founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, he made history as the first African American member of Congress to lead the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Now serving his 23rd term in the House of Representatives, he has been cited as the most effective lawmaker in the House, leading all of his colleagues in passing legislation. He was a prime contributor to President Obama's historic health care reform law. In Congress he has been a stalwart champion for the "least among us," advocating powerfully and persistently to improve the lives of working people. Demonstrating his commitment to education, he has created financial mechanisms to construct and rehabilitate public schools across the country.

Website: https://rangel.house.gov/

Professor - Joe R. Feagin

Professor Feagin was born in San Angelo, Texas at the end of the Great Depression. He grew up in Houston, Texas, where he completed high school. Graduating from Baylor University in 1960, he then moved to Boston, Massachusetts with his wife, Clairece Booher Feagin, to begin graduate work at Harvard University in social relations (sociology). After completing his Ph.D. degree in 1966, he became an assistant professor at the University of California in Riverside. Four years later, he accepted an associate professor position at University of Texas, where he taught for twenty years. He also served as Scholar-in-Residence at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (1974-1975). In 2004, he came to Texas A&M, as the Ella C. McFadden professor in sociology. Over the years, he has done research work on a variety of racism and sexism issues.

Website: http://sociology.tamu.edu/feagin-joe/

Congresswoman - Zoe Lofgren

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren of California’s 19th District has been a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives since 1995.  She represents the 19th District of California, based in the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” San Jose. As the highest ranking Democrat and former chair of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, and a longtime immigration attorney and law professor, Zoe is recognized as an established champion of comprehensive immigration reform and a national leader in immigration policy. During the 113th Congress she played a key role in negotiating a comprehensive reform bill in the House Representatives as part of an eight-person bipartisan working group.

Website: https://lofgren.house.gov/

Congressman - Tom Marino

As a native of Williamsport, PA, Tom has always been familiar with Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District.  Elected in 2010 after unseating a two-term Democrat incumbent, Tom has steadfastly focused his attention and congressional work on benefitting his constituents. Tom has also teamed up with his close friend, colleague and congressional office neighbor, Karen Bass to serve as Co-Chairman of the Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth, a project he holds close to his heart, as both of his children were adopted.

Website: https://marino.house.gov/

Congresswoman - Karen Bass

Congressmember Karen Bass was re-elected to her third term representing the 37th Congressional District in November 2014. In her first term, Congressmember Bass created the bipartisan Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth along with co-chair U.S. Representative Tom Marino, and intends to examine national standards of care in the child welfare system. She is also a co-chair of the bipartisan, bicameral Congressional Coalition on Adoption. In January 2013, President Obama signed into law the Uninterrupted Scholars Act (USA) which was the first major piece of legislation shepherded through the House under the Caucus’ leadership.

Website: karenbass.house.gov

Filmmaker, Author, Human Rights Activist - T.J. Parsell

T.J. Parsell is a Filmmaker, Author, and Human Rights Activist. He is dedicated to ending sexual violence in prison and to stopping the practice of sending juveniles to adult jails and prisons. His passion stems from his years in prison as a teenager and young adult. At 21 years old, he’d spent nearly a quarter of his life incarcerated. By 30, he put himself through college and was a successful software executive. At 40, he became a human rights activist, a published author and one of the nation’s leading advocates to end prisoner rape.

Website: http://tjparsell.com/

Author/Ex-Prison Guard - Gary York

Gary York served in the United States Army from 1978 to 1987 and was honorably discharged at the rank of Staff Sergeant from the Military Police Corps. After discharge, he began a career with the Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer. Gary was promoted to Probation Officer and later to a Senior Probation Officer. He was promoted once again to Senior Prison Inspector where for the next twelve years he conducted Criminal, Civil and Administrative investigations in many state Prisons. Gary has written a couple of books: CORRUPTION BEHIND BARS (Jul 21, 2013) and INSIDE THE INNER CIRCLE (Dec 10, 2013).

Website: www.Corruptionbehindbars.com

Author/Journalist - Donald S. Connery

Donald S. Connery is an author, independent journalist and former foreign correspondent. He roamed the world reporting on major world events for Time, Life, Fortune, Sports Illustrated and NBC while raising four children with his wife, an educator. In 1973, a “wrong man’s” murder case led to his unique career shift from international reporting to rescuing the innocent. He has been a pioneer in the movement that has spurred the DNA revolution, the founding of the national network of innocence projects, and the new awareness of the magnitude and reasons for unjust convictions.

Website: http://www.FalseConfessions.org

Founder & President - Jonathan Rapping

Jonathan Rapping is a criminal defense lawyer, founder and president of Gideon's Promise, and an advocate for criminal justice system reform. In 2007, Rapping created the Southern Public Defender Training Center, subsequently renamed Gideon’s Promise. Named after the landmark 1963 Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright, Gideon’s Promise teaches public defenders to work more effectively within the judicial system by providing coaching, training, and professional development as well as a supportive network of peers and mentors from around the country.

Website: http://gideonspromise.org/

Author/Psychotherapist - George Mallinckrodt

George Mallinckrodt has been a psychotherapist for 17 years. He started in private practice and eventually gravitated to working in a psychiatric ward, called the Transitional Care Unit, located in the Florida state prison, known as Dade Correctional Institution. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Miami and did his graduate work in counseling at Barry University. He also is the author of a book, titled: Getting Away with Murder.

Website: http://georgemallinckrodt.com/

Congresswoman - Karen Bass

Congressmember Karen Bass was re-elected to her third term representing the 37th Congressional District in November 2014. Congressmember Bass serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs where she is Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations. As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressmember Bass is also working to craft sound criminal justice reforms as well as protect intellectual property right infringements that threaten the economic health of the 37th District. In her third term, Congressmember Bass is solidifying leadership positions on two issues very close to her heart: reforming America’s foster care system and strengthening the United States’ relationship with Africa.

Website: karenbass.house.gov

Sheriff of Clark County Jail - Jamey Noel

Sheriff Jamey Noel, upon graduation from Providence High School, obtained a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Supervision from Indiana University. He was elected, as Sheriff of Clark County Indiana and took office on January 1, 2015. He, his wife Misty, and daughters are all lifelong residents of Clark County. He created “60 Days In” Program on A&E in which volunteers go undercover as inmates to expose what really happens behind bars.

Website: http://www.clarkcosheriff.com/

Mother of Sgt. James Brown - Dinetta Robinson-Scott

Dinetta Robinson-Scott is the Mother of Sgt. James Brown, 26, of Fort Bliss, who voluntarily checked into the county jail the evening of July 13, 2012. He reported to serve two days of a driving while intoxicated sentence. His family said he was instructed by the court to check in at 8 p.m. and that he would be released on July 15. Instead, Brown’s family said the soldier died while in jail custody July 14 after being given an injection apparently intended to sedate the man, whose family said was not a combative individual. She has been fighting for justice for her son since his sudden death.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/dinetta.robinsonscott

Congressman - Pedro Pierluisi

Pedro R. Pierluisi has been Puerto Rico’s sole Member of Congress, known as the Resident Commissioner, since January 2009.  He represents 3.5 million U.S. citizens, the most of any member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In the current 114th Congress (2015-2016), Congressman Pierluisi is a member of two committees. He serves on the House Judiciary Committee, and is a member of the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations, and the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security. He also serves on the House Natural Resources Committee, and is a member of the Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs, and the Subcommittee on Federal Lands.

Website: http://pierluisi.house.gov/

President/CEO of Prison Reform - Dr. Eric Mason

Dr. Eric Mason currently serves as President/CEO of Prison Reform and Community Engagement, where he directs every facet of the organization including advocacy, programs, operations, budget, staff and volunteers. Additionally, he oversees 100 employees, 55,000 volunteers and over 1.5 million ex-offenders. Mason is the former president/CEO of the Missouri Consortium of Organizations (MOCOO) and the Black Music Association of Missouri. He has served as Senior Vice President/COO of a Security Company, City Manager, Legal Representative, Church Administrator, College Professor, Political Advisor and the youngest Corrections Officer ever employed by the City of St. Louis, Missouri.

Website: www.prisonreform.us

Wrongfully Convicted - Kristine Bunch

On June 30, 1995 a house fire claimed the life of three-year-old Anthony Bunch. Anthony’s mother, Kristine was accused of intentionally starting the fire and convicted in March of 1996. At the time, Bunch was only 22 and pregnant with her second child. She was sentenced to 60 years in prison for murder and 50 year for arson. It was not until March of 2012 that the Indiana Court of Appeals held Bunch was entitled to a new trial. In August of that year, the Indiana Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeals decision and Bunch was released 24 days later. Just before Christmas of that year, the prosecution decided to drop the charges.

Website: http://www.law.northwestern.edu/legalclinic/wrongfulconvictions/exonerations/in/kristine-bunch.html

Founder of JusticeCorner.com Blog - Tanya Washington

Tanya Washington is the founder of JusticeCorner.com, a blog that focuses on highlighting injustice in juvenile systems. She is a Senior Associate at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, currently working in the Juvenile Justice Strategy Group (JJSG). Tanya began her career as a criminal defense attorney in New York State working at the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem. Tanya has had a lengthy and diverse legal career working in both the private and public sectors in the areas of corporate litigation, criminal and juvenile justice, and civil rights.

Website: www.justicecorner.com

Juvenile Court Judge - Lisa Goldwire-Colbert

Savannah attorney Lisa Goldwire-Colbert was appointed judge-designate to succeed Chatham County Juvenile Court Judge John W. Beam Jr. on September 28, 2016. An attorney since 1994 and a former associate with the Atlanta firm of Austin and Bird, she practiced law there with Attorney Charles Bell, was a staff attorney with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee, and staff attorney with Superior Court Judge Louisa Abbot before taking the county post in 2007.

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