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ISIS Targets U.S. Children?

America's Children Are In Danger As Isis Approaches The Homeland

IRP6 Software Able To Stop ISIS NOW And Keep America Safe!

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IRP6: The Case of the Missing Transcript!!

Former Appelate Judge H. Lee Sarokin in a 5-part series at Huffington Post...

"...The government proved that the defendants incurred debts and did not pay them, but it failed to prove that they did not intend to pay them when incurred, because that was not their true intention. Now, although all of the legal arguments have been neatly sewn up and put aside, I cannot help but believe that the fabric of justice has been frayed in the process."

AJC Supports an Office of Ombudsman 

Guest Howell Woltz shares his story & advantages of Ombudsman...

An Office of the Ombudsman will make our judiciary and law enforcement accountable for their actions. It will provide recourse for people whose rights have been violated. Join AJC supporters and sign up!

NEW! The Spotlight on Capitol Hill

US House of Representatives, Senators, & Staffers weigh in on the issues...

There's a new segment heating up and gaining momentum at AJC Radio!  Tune in to hear from members of Congress on the issues that concern them the most, major initiatives that are in progress, and upcoming events on the Hill.  AJC will feature press releases to preview the guest and the show topic.  Who knows...maybe you'll hear from your representative!  

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